A Register With a Fan to Better Heat and Cool Any Room

by Rob on January 18, 2010


Our bedroom is always a bit cold in the winter and hot in the summer. The reason is that it’s located on the opposite end of the house from our furnace. For years I’ve tried to think of ways to improve the HVAC into our bedroom, and then I stumbled upon the AirFlow Breeze Register. With a built in fan, the AirFlow Breeze is designed to pump extra hot or cold air into whatever room you install the register.

By using the AirFlow Breeze, it may avoid cranking up the heat in the winter or air conditioner in the summer to heat or cool a difficult room. It has 3 fan settings: Fast Speed 100 cubic feet per minute (cfm), Medium Speed 70 cubic feet per minute (cfm), Slow Speed 40 cubic feet per minute (cfm). And with a built in temperature sensor, you can setting the desired temperature, and the fan will cycle off and on to maintain the temperature setting. Powered via a 6-foot power cord in matching color.

Here are more details on the AirFlow Breeze register:

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The AirFlow Breeze is also available on eBay:

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