A Solar Powered Electric Boat

by Michal on April 30, 2009

SunCat23 - Solar Powered Electric Boat

Horizon Yachts has developed an electric catamaran that is fueled by solar power and is known as the SunCat23. This ten seat solar powered boat can be operated completely by solar power and reach a maximum speed of 12km/h. When both engines and double batteries are in use the boat can reach speeds of 24km/h.

The newest catamaran building standards were used to design the shape of the hull and the electric propulsion for ultra low resistance with is optimal for cursing efficiency. The boat is controlled through a rudder propeller system that is operated by a steering wheel with a fully electrical control lever.

The interior lay out includes an entertainment system, electric stove, refrigerator, a dinette, a helm station and an owner’s stateroom with modern amenities. The exterior has a sharp design that was created by J.C. Espinosa. The design of this boat combines luxury and technology with the highest quality making this one stylish green boat.

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