A Sensor Activated Light Switch that Doesn’t Require Rewiring

by Rob on January 20, 2010


How many times have you told your kids to turn off the lights in their room? It’s a ritual in our house. We make our kids march back up the stairs at least several times a day to turn off lights. While there is part of me that thinks this is a good learning experience for them concerning the value of money and energy conservation, the practical side of me takes a different view. And that brings me to the Black & Decker SW100 Lights Out Autoswitch.

The SW100 is a motion detector that automatically turns off the lights when no motion is detected. The switch can be set to shut off after 1, 5, 15, or 30 minutes after you leave the room. We have a motion sensitive switch in a hall bathroom. But the nice thing about the Black & Decker SW100 is that it screws in over existing switches. You don’t need to take out the switch and wire the Lights Out Autoswitch into the wall. Instead, it mounts directly on top of any existing toggle switch with the help of an ordinary screwdriver. Because it’s not wired, it does require 3 AA batteries.

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The SW100 is also available from eBay:

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