A Power Strip that Shuts Down When You’re Not Around [Isole IDP-3050]

by Rob on April 9, 2008


Isolé IDP-3050 Power Strip with Personal Sensor shuts six of its eight plugs off when nobody is around. The personal sensor connects to the eight-outlet power strip with the attached cable. The IDP-3050 automatically turns all controlled devices on when the workspace is occupied, and off when the workspace has been unoccupied for the user-defined time delay. The two uncontrolled plugs remain on regardless of occupancy.

I’d use the uncontrolled plugs for my computer, but the IDP-3050 would be great for controlling task lighting, computer monitors, space heaters, fans and other equipment that can be turned off during unoccupied periods. And the IDP-3050 comes with the features you’d expect in a power strip, including surge suppression that protects connected equipment against threats like power surges, lightning strikes and voltage spikes. It features a resettable circuit breaker and two LEDs that indicate that the outlet is wired and grounded properly and the surge protection is functioning.

Here are the specifications:

Power Strip:

• Electrical rating: 120VAC, 12A, 50/60 Hz
• 12A dry contact relay
• Six-foot black cord
• Transformer provides power to sensor
• Mounts with screws or doubl-sided tape
• UL 1449 rating; 400V
• Circuit: High-energy, multistage hybrid
• Noise filtration 0-25db (94.38%)
• Joule rating: 740 joules
• Maximum surge amperage: 48,000 Amps
• Protection modes: 400V L-N, 400V L-G, 400V N-G
• Response time: instantaneous
• Let-through voltage: 140V
• Initial clamping voltage: 200V
• UL and CUL listed; five-year warranty

Personal Sensor:

• Nine-foot connector cable
• Supply voltage: 12 VDC
• UL and CUL listed; five-year warranty

Available form WattStopper for $90.

[Source: Oh Gizmo!]

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