A Must See Solar Powered Supercar

by Michal on March 19, 2009

Koenigsegg, The Quant

Imagine an electric supercar that is powered by the energy it generates from the sun. It may sound too good to be true, but believe it! The Quant is a zero-emission electric car that is fitted with a thin layer of solar panels that generate the electricity needed to power the cars two electric engines. Now, don’t get too excited because the car won’t be available for at least three years and unfortunately, it’s probably not going to be affordable to all. However, it does give us all a look down the road as to what we can expect from the automotive industry in the years to come.

Not only is this car equipped with some serious technology, but it’s a sharp looking supercar as well. The Quant is fitted with a 512 hp engine that allows it to reach 62mph in just over 5 seconds with a top speed of 171mph. The Quant is equipped with a battery pack that gets its juice from the sun. When the sun isn’t shining, the car can be recharged from a conventional wall outlet in just 20 minutes.

When the batteries are fully charged, they will power the car for over 300 miles. The built in solar cells will extend this with the help of the sun. The body of the car is a carbon fiber and carbon/aluminum construction with a complex regenerative breaking system. The total body weighs only 3924 pounds thanks to light weight materials used to build this one of a kind supercar.

The Quant was designed by Koenigsegg, a company based out of southern Sweden that is well known for their phenomenal sports cars and eco-friendly sports cars. Koenigsegg developed the technology for The Quant along with NLV Solar AG.

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