A Bicycle that Goes 75 Miles Per Peddle

by Rob on March 20, 2008


Popular Mechanics is reporting that Giant, the bicycle manufacturer, will be rolling out in May an electric bicycle that can travel up to 75 miles per charge. What’s super cool about this bike is that it recharges its battery as you pedal, and than adjusts the amount of assistance it gives you based on your level of effort to maintain a constant speed. Pedal hard enough and the motor shuts off; need a break and the motor runs at full tilt.

According to Popular Mechanics, a handlebar-based controller lets you switch between three power settings to place more emphasis on muscle or motor. The torque sensor tells the 250-watt DC motor how much power it needs to supplement your pedaling. And a pair of 26-volt lithium-ion batteries help power you up to 75 miles. The estimated cost for the bike is $2,000.

Hat Tip: treehugger

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