2009 Honda Civic Hybrid Ranks High

by Michal on June 2, 2009

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The 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid proves that environmentalism and style can go hand and hand. For decades Honda has provided its drivers with reliable automobiles that are affordable. With the introduction of the Civic Hybrid, Honda has not just lived up to their expectations, but exceeded them.

Thanks to its refined gasoline-electric powertrain, the Civic Hybrid will make your visits to the gas pump alot less frequent. With the uncertainty of gas prices, this is a benefit most would consider a luxury. With an EPA estimated city/highway rating of 40 city/ 45 highway mpg, worries about gas prices will be a thing of the past. Few cars can compete with this EPA which leads U.S. News to rank the Honda Civic Hybrid 3 out of the 37 affordable cars they reviewed.

The Civic Hybrid has achieved the Advanced Technology Partial Zero-Emission Vehicle (AT-PZEV) status. This means the car is a Super-Ultra-Low-Emissions Vehicle with zero evaporative emissions and carries a 15 year/ 150,000 mile warranty on all emissions equipment. This is a standard that started in California and has since been adopted by many states throughout the country.

With its high quality, sleek design, and gas sipping abilities the Honda Civic Hybrid ranks high among hybrids and small cars. Currently it is available in only a four door sedan model that is packed full of options. Such options include leather seats, navigation system, audio USB interface and more. Just because this car reduces your impact on the environement doesn’t mean it can’t be fun to drive
Honda’s hybrid technology Integrated Motor Assist IMA® system combines a super-efficient 1.3 liter, 8 valve i-VTEC ® 4 cylinder gasoline engine with a lightweight, high-output electric motor. The Civic Hybrid uses a continuously variable transmission (CVT) which gives the feel of a smooth automatic, but efficiently of a manual. For maximum efficiency it has an idle stop feature which automatically shuts off the vehicle’s gasoline engine when you stop. This will help save on gas and keep the air free from pollutants.

Honda’s suggested starting price is $23, 650 and goes up from there depending on the options that are added. The biggest competitor of the Civic Hybrid is the 2009 Toyota Prius Hybrid which starts just around $22,000. According to Forbes “The Honda Civic Hybrid is one of the best hybrids available, with an affordable price, excellent driving dynamics, and fuel economy matched by few other models.”

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