Solar Powered Motion Activated Halogen Floodlight Review

by Rob on March 31, 2008


The Solar Motion-Activated Halogen Floodlight by MAXSA is a great way to light up the outdoors without tricky installation because you don’t need to run a power line. This is a solar powered motion activated security light. It works by detecting motion up to 35 feet away the light automatically turns on.

The light can be activated up to 150 times within 60 seconds. It takes a 10-watt halogen bulb and offers enough light to effectively light up paths, driveways, and sheds. The solar panel can be placed up to 15 feet away from the halogen light. Motion activated floodlights are great for an added level of security to your home and best of all it is solar powered. Using solar power is a great way to save on energy and be more environmentally friendly.

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