Lutron TG-600PH-WH Toggler 600W Preset Dimmer Review

by Michal on May 5, 2010


The Lutron TG-600PH-WH Toggler 600W Preset Dimmer White is a simple solution to reducing your energy consumption and saving money in your household. Dimming your lights just 50% will save you 40% in electricity and extend the bulb life by 10 times. Toggler dimmers are perfect for any room in your house. Any existing light switch can be changed to a toggler dimmer and the installation is easy.

This dimmer switch can only be used with incandescent lights only. The toggle switch easily dims your lights with the slide control that is used to adjust the lights to the desired position. Using a dimmer switch is an eco-friendly solution to easily reducing your energy consumption in your home.

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