GE Hybrid and Tankless Water Heaters

by Rob on April 3, 2008

tankless water heaters.pngIn case you missed it, there was some big news this week in the world of water heaters. On Tuesday, the Department of Energy announced Energy Star criteria for water heaters. The DOE estimates that in five years the new standard will save Americans approximately $780 million in utility costs, avoid 4.2 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and achieve cumulative energy savings of more than 3.9 billion kilowatt-hours and 270 million therms of natural gas. You can check out the details of the new standard in this DOE press release.

GE Electric Hybrid Water Heaters

In anticipation of the new standard, GE is introducing two new water heater technologies. The first is an electric hybrid water heater that is designed to absorb heat in ambient air and transfer it into the water. As GE explains, “since it requires much less energy to absorb and transfer heat than it does to generate it – as a standard electric water heater would – the GE Hybrid Electric Water Heater provides the same amount of hot water while using less energy.”

GE Tankless Gas Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are nothing new. They heat water as needed, so there’s no need to consume energy keeping a tank full of water hot. It also means you never run out of hot water, even with teenagers in the house. GE estimates that a tankless gas water heater will save consumers 25% annually in water heating costs. Available May 1, 2008, the GE Tankless Gas Water Heater will be offered in two sizes (7.5-gallon-per-minute flow and 9.4 gallon-per-minute flow), indoor and outdoor. The 7.5-gallon-per-minute flow will be available for natural gas; the 9.4-gallon-per-minute flow will be available for natural gas or LP gas.

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