Eco-Friendly Gifts for Dad

by Michal on June 1, 2009

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Finding the perfect gift for dad on Father’s Day is not always easy, so we have put together a list of eight Eco-Friendly gift ideas for you. Some are practical, some are expensive, and some are just plain fun. So this year don’t just give another tacky tie, give dad a green gift and tell him just how much you appreciate him and all the sacrifices he has made.

Solar Powered Watch
boilerFreestyle has created their first solar powered watch called the Boiler. The battery gets charged by the sun and can stay charged for up to 12 months. The Boiler’s look is unique and it is equipped with a chronograph, alarm, timer, dual time and NightVision™ backlight display. The watch retails for $115, which is reasonable for a stylish watch.

The Kindle DX
kindle-dxThe Kindle DX will be released this Summer, but you can pre-order this item now at Amazon for $489. This new version of the Kindle has a 9.7 inch screen which is much bigger than the previous version. The Kindle DX can store 3,500 books and has a Rotation Display Screen that is activated by turning the device sideways. It is completely wireless and requires no computer connection.

Eco Friendly Golf Balls
Dixon Earth Golf Balls are made from proprietary polymer which makes them 100% recyclable, but also playable. While some ecofriendly golf balls are recyclable, few of them pride themselves on actually being a good ball to play the game with. The balls contain non-renewable synthetic materials and compounds making Dixon Golf Balls green to the core. One dozen of these golf balls cost about $30.

Organic Cotton TShirt
live-simply1Patagonia is a company that cares about the environement by offering a variety of clothing that is all eco friendly. Pictured here is their Men’s Live Simply™ Guitar T-Shirt which is made of soft, ringspun 100% organic cotton. This trendy T-shirt is sure to be a hit with dad and he will be happy to know that 1% of all sales generated through Patogonia goes directly to preservation and restoration of the planet. This shirt can be purchases through their website for $30.

Eco Binoculars
intro-ecobins-binocular2Not only are these binoculars built for ruggedness, they are also built with the environment in mind.These eco-friendly binoculars are made with lead free glass lenses, non-choleric rubber eyepieces, and a biodegradable case and strap. The Nikon 10×25 Ecobins are priced at $169.95 and are shipped to your home shipped in an eco-friendly manner with tree free packing material.

Solar Computer Bag
generator The Voltaic Generator Computer Bag is the first solar bag powerful enough to charge a laptop. The high efficiency solar cells produce energy that generates up to 15 watts of power. The 58Wh LiIon battery has the same capacity as a standard laptop battery. The bag can carry laptops up to 17 inches and can also charge other electronic gadgets like phones and Ipods. It comes with a heafty price tag of $500.

Wind Up Lantern
For those dads that love the outdoors, the FreePlay Indigo LED Wind Up Table Lantern, would be great addition to his gear. This lantern provides 100,000 hours of use time and never has to be replaced. It can be charged through your standard wall outlet, or through its FreePlay wind technology. The item is available on Amazon for just under $50.

Digital/Waterproof Camera

This 3.0 mega pixel digital camera with video straps right to your wrist. This would be a great gift for the active ones that surf, ski, kayak, bike, or more. Not only does this camera take pictures, but it can also take up to 54 minutes of T.V. resolution video and can fit up to a 2GB SD Card (not included). The 3 MP Digital Waterproof Sports Wrist Camera retails for $150 on Amazon.

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