An MP3 that Never Runs Out of Power [Eco-Media Player]

by Rob on March 19, 2008


I just hate it when my iPod runs out of juice and I’m no where near an outlet. And it usually happens right in the middle of a great Billy Joel song (yes, I’m showing my age). Well now there’s a solution–the hand crank Eco-Media Player by Baylis. One minute of winding stores enough power for up to 40 minutes of play time. The player enables you to listen to your favorite music, watch movie clips, listen to FM radio, and store pictures. Not bad for a kinetic energy device.

It comes with a 1.8” colour LCD display together with 24 bit digital audio processing and state of the art in-ear headphones. The player can also be charged via USB connection to your PC or MAC. When fully charged, the Eco Media Player will provide around 20 hours of constant music, or around 10 hours of video play.

Available from Real Goods for $199

Source: Inhabitat

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