An Easy Way To Save Money Around The House

by Michal on July 3, 2009


This easy to use device, known as the Black & Decker EM100B Energy Saver Series Power Monitor, lets you track the amount of electricity your household is using and will turn it into a dollar value in real time. By using this device and monitoring your household electricity you can you can reduce your consumption, save money by decreasing your bills and of course help the environment along the way.

Easy Installation
There are two piece of equipment that you will work with. One is the hand held monitor that you will use to monitor your usage. The other is the sensor that you mount to your electric meter. All you do is mount the sensor to your outdoor electric meter, align it, and synchronize it with the cordless monitor. From there you can keep an eye on your real time electricity usage from right inside your home with the hand held monitoring device. The results are immediate and you can start making choices to reduce your consumption right away.

The monitor is easy to read as it converts your usage into dollars so you can quickly see the value of your usage. The monitor also shows the outdoor temperature to help you determine what you in home heating or cooling setting. It also displays your month to date usage with an estimation for your upcoming bill so there are no surprises. This advanced feature can work with any type of billing rate, including flat rate billing, separate peak and off-peak rates, or tiered billing structures.

The Little Things Can Make A Difference
The appliance mode feature makes it convenient to track your minute to minute change in electric consumption as appliances are being turned off and on. While they are being used you can see where your money is going. This is a great tool to use to determine if your old appliances are costing you more than they are worth. If you decide to change your light bulbs to a more energy conserving type then you can see right away the effects it will have on your bill.

Once you start using an energy monitor you will see how quickly your daily habits change when you see a dollar value attached to your consumption. The sensor that is mounted on your eclectic meter is a weatherproof sensor that can withstand tough winters and humid summers. You can rely on the device to provide you reports year-round. The Black & Decker EM100B Energy Saver Series Power Monitor power is designed to work with 90 percent of current electricity meters, including those with visible rotating wheels, those with single optical ports, and some models with dual optical ports.

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